Can Social Sites Replace Business Blogs?


Assembling and using business sites is now a norm for many internet marketers concerning advertising online. But with the increase in popularity of internet social websites many have started employing these communities because their principal marketing and advertising platforms. Specifically Twitter has been touted as a website that could supply all of your company needs regarding marketing and traffic generation.

Does this imply blogging websites are now endangered when it comes to the 'leading' function in web 2.0 internet advertising? Really this could hardly seem true and here are 5 really powerful reasons why.

Self-Hosted Blogs

Most sites are self hosted meaning you have the website and the articles and are consequently in complete control. Online social websites have regulations and rule put forth by the website administrator regulating behavior. The capability to 'personalize' your distance on a social networking website is non-existent hence 'branding' your self is very hard. You can't build a good base to an internet business on a website in which you don't have any control.

Blogs Gain Authority

Opinions or articles you discuss in a societal site aren't exhibited for very long thereby they'll have no long-lasting affect. On a blogging website every article, comment or helpful information is always readily available for viewing and will develop the authority of this website itself. The further information posted the more power the website will profit. This is a good basis for building credibility and also a organization.

Symbol of Commitment

A website is a sign of devotion as it requires effort to keep up the website. Commitment is precisely what people search for in businesses as it's a indication of reliability. This also contributes to a rise in trust that is a crucial asset to have if advertising online. Online social websites require just that you 'show up' and talk a bit thereby demonstrating hardly any effort or dedication.

The Strength is in the Link

Socialization communities typically connect to sites rather than another way round. That sort of says it all right there because it appears these communities will need to 'defer' to sites as a source of dependable and valuable content. This doesn't bode well yet for the trustworthiness of social networking websites!


Blogging websites have analytical capabilities allowing subsequently to operate more completely as a company platforms. These capabilities permit the website to enhance and develop and are an essential tool for anybody serious about creating a lasting enterprise.

Business blogs have been the adopted standard for internet entrepreneurs because of their versatility, ease of use and capability to interact with clients. Recent tendencies however indicate a growing acceptance/reliance upon utilizing specific online social web sites including Twitter as free standing advertising platforms. These societal communities offer you the identical appeal that blogging websites do in regard to interaction and ease of use but comparisons stop there. The capability of social websites to assist individuals 'build' a company when advertising on the web is in question. The 5 reasons cited previously concerning why blogging websites aren't very likely to fall from favor because online advertising platforms only fortifies their dominance. As many social networking platforms like Twitter are great visitors resources they don't offer you a good platform on which to create a long-lasting business.